Campania IGT

Campania IGT is the region-wide IGT title for southern Italy's Campania region. Aglianico is the dominant red grape variety within the designation and Falanghina in its whites. They are followed by Greco Bianco and Fiano – two further, classic southern Italian, white wine grapes. Overall there is a regional preference here for white wines over red. This is a quite different story from neighboring Basilicata, where almost 80 percent of Basilicata IGT wines are made from Aglianico. Although the dominance of Aglianico and Falanghina (backed up by Greco Bianco and Fiano) is almost absolute, several other traditional wine grapes from southern Italy are also permitted for use, namely Coda di Volpe, Piedirosso, Primitivo, Sciascinoso (Olivella) and various forms of Muscat. The Campania IGT laws cover the production of red, white and rosé wines in both sweet (passito and liquoroso) and dry styles. Sparkling frizzante and youthful, early-release novello styles are also allowed. Campania IGT wines may be made from grapes grown anywhere in the region but must be produced and bottled entirely within Campania. (This latter requirement is different from the rule in a few other IGTs.) Only a small percentage of Campania wine (17 percent in 2017) is produced at DOC/DOP level. However, the production output of the Campania IGT is not as high as might be expected. In 2016 around 3.2 million liters of wine was produced (359,000 cases). This is because, in addition to this catch-all title, the Campania region also has some more locality specific IGTs. The most significant of these is Beneventano IGT, whose production in 2016 was almost three times greater. Terre del Volturno, Pompeiano and Colli di Salerno are other examples.

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