Awareness and Curiosity

At Live Simple we are aware that we - as any other business and industry - have an impact on the world we live in, for better or worse. We do not exist in isolation, and how we co-exist is firstly a result of our own behaviours. We do understand that the decisions and choices about how we operate have direct consequences on ourselves and the environment around us.

Before we come across as theoretical philosophers pouring over existential questions for mankind, let us give some background.

Being a bunch of people who are curious and constantly exploring, a recent discussion over a few good bottles had us wondering what choices of wine growing techniques and vinification made what impact on the sustainability of the wine growing industry. How do logistics decisions of how we ship and store wine affect our carbon footprint? Does it matter what wine we drink and where in the world we drink it? What's the carbon footprint of each bottle we drink?

These are some pretty deep questions that none of us could answer remotely off the cuff. We all had our beliefs and opinions, but we were lacking a consistent approach. For that day we might have looked too deep into our glasses when we asked

What is the environmental and social impact on drinking a bottle of wine? 

Now thats probably more than what you would expect or even like to find on a wine website when searching for your next favourite drink.

Or maybe you are interested where our questions are taking us to, and what we find?

We have started this Awareness and Curiosity Blog to take you along our journey, and to have a place where we gather information, digest it and hear feedback from our friends.

What will come from this? Ideally, a better awareness, based on transparent data and facts of how we impact the world, leading to a more sustainable business. At a minimum, a few more lesser known details about the industry that helps us enjoy the wines we drink!

Sign-up below and be part of our discoveries. 

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