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White wine is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of the non-coloured pulp of grapes. However, the pulp is not responsible for a wine's colour. It is the skin of the grapes and for how long the skin is allowed contact with the pulp prior to fermentation that influences a wine's colour.

White wines are pressed before fermentation, separating the juice from the skins, hence the wine retains its light colour.

White wine is therefore wine that was fermented without or little skin contact, using typically white grapes. However, red grapes with their skin immediately removed before fermentation can also produce white wine. A lesser known fact is that even red grapes are non-coloured inside.

The colour palette of white wine is very wide, from straw-yellow, over yellow-green, to deep yellow-gold. Different grapes have their own characteristics and the choices made by the winemaker during vinification have a huge influence on the wine.

White wine is structured around its acidity, and different grape varietals have distinct levels and types of acidity.

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