Graach is a village in Bereich Bernkastel, in the Mosel wine region of Germany. The vineyards in Graach are part of an expansive slate hillside that rises above the right bank of the river from Bernkastel-Kues to Zeltingen. This southwest-facing slope towers over the village and is precariously steep, undulating along the one mile (1.5km) or so of riverbank towards Wehlen.

Graach has a total of 135 hectares (333 acres) of vineyards planted almost entirely to Riesling. Three sites have been classified by the VDP as Grosse Lage – Domprobst, Josephshöfer and Himmelreich. The Graacher Domprobst ("provost") vineyard is named for the dean of the Trier cathedral, who at one time received one-third of the total taxes raised in Graach. This block of 28.5ha (70 acres) faces southwest, giving the vines good exposure to all-day sun, and has blue-grey Devonian clay-slate soil.

The Graacher Josephshöfer is a rare monopole Grosse Lage entirely owned by Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt. It is located next to Domprobst and adjacent to Wehlen's famous Sonnenuhr vineyard, and covers 5ha (12 acres) of steeply sloping hillside. The soil is weathered grey Devonian slate and heavier than that in the surrounding area, with more clay. This site produces rich, spicy wines with an aroma of peach and excellent aging potential.

Graacher Himmelreich ("Kingdom of Heaven") is a large, 87-ha (215-acre) vineyard of steep, weathered clay and blue slate. The latter helps to produce wines that again show great minerality and ability to age. Himmelreich is shaped like a long-handled pan, with a thin section running along the top of the slope above the Domprobst and Josephshöfer vineyards and Graach village, leading to a squarer portion which drops to the river on the upstream side of the village, occupying the entire hillside.

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