Grappa di Brunello

Grappa di Brunello is grappa distilled in the Tuscany wine region of central Italy. It is made from grape marc (the solids left after pressing grapes) resulting from the production of Brunello di Montalcino wines.

Grappa is the classic Italian grape spirit, produced primarily in such regions as Veneto, Tuscany and Piedmont. The drink is distilled solely from leftover pips and skins. Therefore, its organoleptic qualities depend more on the skill and care of the distiller than the abilities of the vineyardist or winemaker.

However, to gain any level of depth and complexity from grappa, the marc from which it is made must be of very high quality. It is here that the famous quality of Brunello's wines plays a part. Grown and vinified under some of the tightest production restrictions of any DOCG, the Sangiovese grapes used to make Brunello wines are typically of a very high grade.

Other Italian grappas of note are Grappa di Amarone, from Veneto's Valpolicella wine region and Piedmont's Grappa di Barolo.

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