Zeltingen-Rachtig is a municipality in the Mosel region known for its wines from the Riesling grape, located on a sweeping bend of the Mosel river, 2 miles (3km) south of Ürzig. It is composed of twin villages which were officially documented as a combined entity as early 1085, though wine labels feature only "Zeltinger" followed by their vineyard name.

The vineyards are a slightly less steep than at locations such as Graach and Bernkastel-Keus a little further downstream. Though Riesling dominates here, a little Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau are sporadically planted on some of the flatter areas.

Zeltingen's sole Grosse Lage site is its portion of the acclaimed Sonnenuhr (Sundial) vineyard, located at the upstream end of its vineyards. It is a southwest–facing slope of blue Devonian slate. Next door is the part of the vineyard belonging to Wehlen.

The large Himmelreich (Kingdom of Heaven) vineyard mostly lies above and to the sides of the village on a predominantly west-facing slope. A section above Sonnenuhr is cut off from the main body by the Schlossberg vineyard. Opposite the village, on the western banks of the Mosel, is the Deutschherrenberg and a further outlying portion of Himmelreich.

The highest profile winery located in Zeltingen-Rachtig is Selbach-Oster - a major owner in Zeltinger Sonnenuhr.

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