Biancu Gentile

Biancu Gentile is a white wine grape variety from Corsica, previously thought to be extinct but which (with the help of a few dedicated local producers) has been cultivated back into limited commercial production. It is primarily grown in the southern areas of the island and typically finds its way into Vin de Pays (IGP) wines (under the evocative Ile de Beaute title) and Vin de Table wines.

Biancu Gentile produces small, intensely coloured grapes that yield wine that has a deep butter-yellow hue. Lemon, wax and chamomile are frequently described aromas, and ripe pear is commonly identified on the palate. The wines tend to be quite rich, sitting somewhere between dry and off-dry.

Alternative Names: Bianco Gentille, Biancu Gentille, Ghjintili, Jentile

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