While originating in the Minho regions, Vinhao is used primarily in Australia, California and South Africa. Vinhao is also an authorized grape in the Monterrei DO in Galicia. In Portugal, it is also an authorised planting in the Douro, and Dão-Lafões area (Vinho do Dão). It shows up as a key player in Quinto do Noval's Nacional. The grape is known for the deep colour it produces in a wine as well as its rustic and raisiny taste.

In Australia, Vinhao is used to make port-style wines and also table wines, often blended with other Portuguese grape varieties.

In South Africa, it is regarded as one of the better fortified-wine varieties for its high sugar levels and deep colour.

Alternative Names: Tinto Nacional, Tinto Antigo, Negrao, Negrao Pe de Perdiz, Espadeiro da Tinta, Espadeiro Basto, Espadeiro Preto, Tinto da Parada, Pinta Femea, Sousao, Souzao, Souson

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