Château Giscours

Château Giscours has a long, rich history, which can be traced back to the fourteenth century. At that time it was a defensive tower overlooking a wild and inhospitable region.

The real beginning came in 1552, when Pierre de Lhomme, a wealthy Bordeaux draper, bought a nobleman’s house called “Guyscoutz”; he proceeded to turn it into a vast estate and planted the first vines.

Wine production was launched and each of the rich merchant’s successors made their own contribution to this magnificent building. It was in the nineteenth century under the promise, Pescatore and Cruse families that Giscours gained much of its finery: the château was transformed into neoclassical palace, architect Eugene Bülher and the production facilities were modernised with the construction of huge buildings, including the famous «Ferme Suzanne”.

“He who knows how to taste does not drink wine, he savours secrets,” Salvador Dali was fond of saying…

Secrets such as those that a glass of Château Giscours will whisper to the taste buds of wine lovers.

Aged in high quality French oak barrels, the wine acquires its complexity as the months progress, subtly combining aromas of dark fruits and spices to the tannins of the wood, to reach a sublime balance. The complex blending procedure, an important stage in the production of this great wine, requires the most advanced skills of the cellar master and their team.

Ultimately, all the traditional qualities of a great Margaux are blended: the finesse of the tannins, purity, a gentle, refined elegance, and great finish on the palate.

To those who can wait, Giscours, described as an “intellectual” wine by some connoisseurs, will divulge all of its complexity and reveal its secrets…

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