Domaine des Escaravailles

The Domaine des Escaravailles has been the property of the Ferran family for three generations.

Founded in 1953 by Jean-Louis Ferran and his sons Daniel and Jean-Pierre,
it has been run since 1999 by Gilles, Daniel's son.

The Estate owes its name to the Occitan “escaravay”, i.e. the scarab beetle. The term was also a nickname for the black-robed monks that occupied the area’s Catholic monasteries centuries ago, and is a less eccentric naming convention.

The vineyards extend over 40 Ha in Rasteau of stony and sloping clay-limestone hillsides and 25 Ha on the neighbouring villages of Cairanne, Roaix, Villedieu and Saint Roman de Malegarde.

The domaine is a very worthwhile vineyard to visit with its hilltop location overlooking the countryside for miles.

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