Jean Stodden

Since 1578, the Stodden family has been growing wine in the Ahr area. In 1900, Alois Stodden began cultivating Pinot Noir, which is still the grape grown the most on Stodden’s vineyards. Additionally, Pinot Precoce and Riesling are grown on 6.5 hectares.

Far away from traditional Pino Noir growing areas, Gerd Stodden decided to produce and perfect this grape variety. With their creed “Working in harmony with nature to ripen the wine to perfection”, quality is focused on. For that, he questioned all of wine-growing’s conventions, after all he took over the business very unexpectedly and “knew nothing about wine”.

Hence, Jean Stodden use sustainable methods early on. Until his unexpected death, Gerd Stodden led and shaped the wine estate. His son Alexander Stodden, who had already been in the family business since 2001 and co-managed it since 2011, took over the sole responsibility in 2013.

On the prime locations, Recher Herrenberg, Ahrweiler Rosenthal and Neuenahrer Sonnenberg with soils of slate, greywacke and loess as the perfect heat store, all grapes are hand-picked and only the best ones are processed. That quality stands before mass, can be seen immediately. If the grapevines carry too many grapes, a green vintage is done. Through this vintage, where fully developed, still green grapes are cut to the ground, the whole strength of the soil focuses only on the best grapes. That this works, can be seen in Gault Millau’s four grapes, Eichelmann’s five stars and the 2014 Wine Award for the collection of the year.

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