Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio is one of the most acclaimed wine producers in Piedmont. His Barolo wines are highly prized at auction, and are known for being ripe, rich, and less tannic and oaky than many other examples of the famous appellation.

The estate owns or manages 8.5 hectares (21 acres) of vineyards around La Morra, with high planting densities producing tiny yields. There are six different parcels of in a range of Barolo crus: Brunate, Cerequio, Capalot, La Serra, Pozzo dell'Anunziata and Sarmassa di Barolo, which are all sources for individual cuvées. In addition, 2013 saw the release of the first vintage – the 2003 – of the Fossati Case Nere 10 Anni Riserva. The portfolio is completed by two leading Barbera d'Alba wines including the benchmark Vignasse, a Dolcetto d'Alba, Langhe Merlot, and a Langhe Nebbiolo.

Roberto Voerzio is regarded as an arch modernist, but this is more evident in the style of the finished wine rather than the methodology behind it. Macerations are typically 15 days, which fits into the traditionalist camp and, although Voerzio currently uses small barriques for aging, he has stated a desire to return to his previous practice of combining barriques with larger oak casks.

The estate was formed in the 1980s when Roberto inherited 5ha (12.5 acres) of his father's vineyards. His brother Gianni makes wine a few hundred meters away.

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